VIP Networking & Training Meals

Get Clients & Make Money In 2020!

The 1st Annual Lioness Leadership Retreat

Upgrade your Lioness Leadership Retreat Experience NOW and get more from your event!

Your VIP Meal Package includes:

  • Lunch with the other VIPs, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Facilitated content and discussion to increase your success.
  • Integration of your learning while you relax in our event venue. 

BONUS! Your VIP meal package includes your own, individualized StrengthsFinder assessment, to support your continued growth as a leader.

When you enroll in the VIP package we will send you a link for your StrengthsFinder assessment, and you will receive insights from a CliftonStrengths expert on your results during Saturday's lunch.

Only $57!

Continue your learning & networking during our lunch breaks. 

Avoid the hassle of finding a place to eat in an unfamiliar town.

Delicious meals, with gluten free and vegetarian options.

Your VIP Facilitators.....

Saturday - Susan Giacobazzi 

Learn  what part of your inner lioness is ready to step forward and be seen! 

​​​​On Saturday, Susan will review your personalized StrengthsFinder assessment (included with the VIP Meal package) and help you uncover why understanding your strengths matters for your success. She will also facilitate an activity that will teach you how to put your  strengths to work for you and how to can use them more often to create better business outcomes.

Susan Giacobazzi is an expert in helping you understand you!  As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach,  Susan will use your unique CliftonStrengths assessment results to help you improve work relationships as well as relationships at home. Susan's insightful vision into what makes you uniquely capable will create a clearer path for your next steps, and highlight where your efforts will be make the most impact. 

Sunday - Kira Wampler

Learn how a to use the Law of Attraction to support your success! 

On Sunday, Kira will guide us on a  'walk on the path of self discovery' as we journey on a beautiful nearby trail. Each participant will experience their own transformational  Law of Attraction themed solo walk. During our luncheon learning session, Kira will facilitate our continued exploration of the Law of Attraction and how to use it to create more of what you want in every area of life. 

Kira Wampler is a Transformational Mindset Coach.  She supports her clients to uncover and transmute limiting beliefs so that they can experience the best love and success of their lives.  Kira is certified in Law of Attraction coaching, NLP and EFT.  

Get the ​​​​most from your Lioness Leadership retreat!

Keep it simple. Keep learning, growing and connecting.

Since we will be contracting and planning for their meals ahead of time, your purchase is non-refundable - no exceptions.

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